Horror at the Oscars

Well it’s finally that time all movie buffs wait for every year; Oscar Sunday. And while many are fine tuning their predictions for the evening’s show, I’m wondering when a horror movie will take home the Best Picture trophy. Now, depending on how you view it, a horror movie has won an Academy Award already. In 1992, The Silence of the Lambs won best picture and Anthony Hopkins took home Best Actor as well for his role as Hannibal Lector in the film. While Hopkins’ portrayal of the deranged Lector is one of the most truly terrifying characters I have ever seen in my life, I have always thought of The Silence of the Lambs as more of a thriller rather than a full on horror film.

This year at the 84th Annual Academy Awards, no horror movies have been nominated for Best Picture or Best Screenplay. Perhaps this is because many horror movies appear to be lacking in depth, something that movies goers or the Academy look for when determining a film’s Oscar-worthiness. I know that when I watch a horror movie I’m not really looking for something that is emotionally moving, but rather something that is going to shock and scare me a little bit.

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Perhaps in the future horror directors and writers will start thinking about story lines that will hopefully garner them some Oscar buzz.

What horror movies do you think should have been nominated for Academy Awards?


2 Comments on “Horror at the Oscars”

  1. I think the problem lays with plot lines. I agree completely with your blog. I think that horror movies lack that familial closeness factor that older horror movies used to incorporate. It used to be that the basic plot of the movie would emotionally tie you to the characters and thus, you would be genuinely concerned for their safety (obviously on a subconscious level).

    Nowadays, all producers focus on are the scare tactics and the gore factor. That “shock” element, if you will. It used to be that you would walk out of seeing a horror movie and then be legitimately scared for the next few days or so because the movie played at your emotional ties and heart strings. Horror movies today don’t utilize this and the emotions we feel are empty and temporary.

    I can’t think of a single horror movie that should have been nominated.

  2. Zach says:

    I think that too many horror movies have been going for the gore and not the psychological thrill that was seen in Silence of Lambs. It seems like it has been along time since there was an original scary movie instead its been a lot of remakes or things like Final Destination 6 and those types of things.

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