The Watchlist — Grave Encounters

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Looking for something that makes fun of those tools over at Ghost Hunters? Well Grave Encounters is a movie you should check out. Written and directed by The Vicious Brothers (who are only 25 I might add) the film follows members of a ghost hunting reality show called, you guessed it, Grave Encounters.

While filming their pilot episode in an abandoned insane asylum, things take a turn for the worse and strange things begin to happen. It is soon discovered that the spirits of the former patients have come to wreak havoc on the crew members.

Overall, I was genuinely scared for parts of the film. I do think it takes a little longer than necessary to build up to the haunting parts but overall the story is pretty cool. By shooting the film from the perspective of the cameras that the team had set up around the building, the film was given an interesting twist on a very typical horror movie plot line. And, because most of the movie is shot with a sort of blurry night vision filter, the viewer rarely knows what’s coming next.

Verdict: I would definitely recommend this movie for horror fans and casual viewers alike.

Here’s the trailer:


One Comment on “The Watchlist — Grave Encounters”

  1. Zach says:

    I have been scared of this movie coming out for a long time. I found the whole thing to be very scary almost like paranormal activity with a little more use of scary themes. I hate movies like this it relies completely on the surprise factor. It is not a movie I want to see but feel that I have to just for the thrill.

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