Movies We’re Excited For — Silent House

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Starring Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s younger sister Elizabeth Olsen, Silent House looks like a very interesting and new take on the thriller. The movie lasts 88 minutes and takes place in “real time”, a very rare occurrence in films. What you may not know is that Silent House is actually a remake of the Spanish language film The Silent House. The trailer claims that the plot is based on true events that happened nearly 50 years ago in a small Uruguayan village.

The the American trailer, Olsen and her father are being terrorized in a house they are renovating for resale. The trailer features lots of dark lighting and shaky camera angles a la The Blair Witch Project. Despite these typical hallmarks of most thrillers, I still found myself slightly on edge while watching the trailer as the mystery person chasing Elizabeth Olsen in her home popped out from behind corners or suddenly grabbed her without so much as a sound. From what I’ve see so far, it looks very cool and appears to have revived the people-terrorized-by-a-psycho-or-other-unknown-evil-being-in-their-own-homes plot that has been reused many times over in thriller films. I know I’ll be heading to the nearest cinema to see it on March 9th. How about you?

Here’s more on the Uruguayan version of the film:

You can view the American trailer here:



3 Comments on “Movies We’re Excited For — Silent House”

  1. Bill says:

    Hmmmm . . . not sure if it applies to younger siblings, but I bet there are a lot of folks who are so sick of hearing of Olsens in general, that they might not mind seeing them hacked up.

  2. Zach says:

    Liz that trailer was scary. The real time effect is freakier than your run of the mill horror movies. The scariest part was that her father was I’m guessing killed. The shaky camera angles I feel really add to the scariness of the film I didn’t really get the whole Blair Witch Project vibe from the trailer. Probably the other frightening part of that whole thing was the polariod picture sounds that were going on I kept expecting to see something scary in the pictures.

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