Thankskilling — A Review

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You know those movies that are so gloriously bad that you can’t help but love them? ThanksKilling is one of those very movies. While many would classify ThanksKilling as a B horror film, I found that it has gone beyond B and into C territory. This low budget cinematic experience is filled with impossible scenarios, terrible acting and lots of fake blood. If anything, ThanksKilling  is bad on purpose; which I have no qualms with. It’s outrageousness is what makes it a diamond in disguise. Rife with one liners and possible porn stars, ThanksKilling is by far a cult classic that deserves a sequel.

Favorite lines include:

“Nice tits bitch!”

“Gobble gobble motherf@cker!”

and last but not least

“You just got stuffed!”

Basically, if you’ve got an hour to kill and you’re in the mood for some gory movies, check out ThanksKilling. You won’t regret it.


3 Comments on “Thankskilling — A Review”

  1. Zach Sneed says:

    Thankskilling is one of those so bad that is good movies. It is such a far stretch even for horror movies and takes aim at one of the most melancholy holidays. For a long time I had thought that Thankskilling was a joke reel from the Grindhouse movie series and not an actual movie. The Grindhouse movie did have a difference instead of the killer turkey it was a psycho pilgrim out for revenge, maybe could be the sequel to the first Thankskilling.

  2. Ryan Francis says:

    Great write up! Cheers, Darren the Nerd

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